Caviar element

Established in 2016 by veteran cosmetic experts from Paris, Di’MYOOR Caviar Element is a pioneer in the luxury skin care industry.

Di’MYOOR aims to provide highly-concentrated skin care from natural ingredients: by fusing skin nourishing properties of caviar and advanced anti-aging formula.

Di’MYOOR’s is an Ultra High-End brand, and each and every product was carefully crafted from advanced pharmaceutical grade raw materials infused with nourishing properties of organic botanical extracts. Elegance, health and beauty are at the very core of Di’MYOOR’s spirit.

Our experts, visionaries and admirers of elegance and beauty, have successfully launched some of the leading luxury skin care brands.

DI’MYOOR, with its infused ORGANIC EXTRACTS and with the extremely efficient, ultra healthy Caviar Element is our signature brand, and is a result of many years of experience and making customers happy all over the world.

Di’MYOOR is all about positive beauty. We invite women and men alike, to be assertive, bold, sensual and sophisticated, and fight anti-aging with us!


Organic Extracts

Di’MYOOR Caviar Element products are formulated with advanced pharmaceutical grade raw ingredients, organic elements of marine botanical extracts: Kelp and Algae, leaf extracts: Green Tea and Aloe Vera leaf juice, floral extracts like chamomile, fruit extracts of cucumber, and natural botanical oils: acai fruit and jojoba seed oils.  Our secret weapon and the heart of our products is Caviar – a luxury skin care ingredient kept secret until not long ago. These botanical extracts provide amazing skin beneficial properties including moisturizing, nourishing, protecting, and calming properties. In addition, botanical extracts contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory elements. Our products are Certified Organic.


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Caviar in Di’MYOOR Cosmetics

The luxury cosmetics industry ceaselessly evolves. DI’MYOOR aims to pioneer the ever-changing anti-aging and skin care industry, by discovering new active ingredients that provide skin beneficial properties. From skin nourishing organic extracts, through anti-aging Dead Sea minerals, to the therapeutic elements of gemstones, we truly believe we’ve created a winner, a series of products that will lead the beauty and anti-aging verticals for years to come.


One of the most up and coming trends in the luxury cosmetics industry is the inclusion of caviar – a culinary luxury ingredient, on skin care products. This elegant ingredient has proven in numerous occasions and beyond doubt to contain skin nourishing elements. Caviar element has been a successful ingredient that became popular amongst the luxury cosmetics industry and its consumers.

The Elegance & Benefits of Caviar

Caviar provides quite a range of beneficial properties. It is no surprise that Caviar element is the fastest growing concept in Beauty and Skin Care.

Caviar is known to be rich in Protein, Amino and Fatty acids, lipids, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B7, and D as well as multiple minerals that are essential to skin care. Caviar contains amino acids that nourishes the skin, and antioxidant properties that protect the skin on a cellular level.

Di’myoor only uses premium Caviar extracts from fish eggs coming from deep waters. It may seem pricey, but the results and long lasting effects are incredible. Beware of other Caviar based products with low pricing – the ingredients in those products are likely to be fake, and may even damage your skin. Authentic Caviar and premium ingredients make a quality product that works and make your skin rad and smooth.



Caviar has always been known to be rich in the following important vitamins: Vitamin A that reduces wrinkles, Vitamins B1 and B2 for skin cell production, Vitamin B7 to aid in skin hydration, and Vitamin D that soothes the skin.

Vitamin A – Retinol

Also known as retinoids, Vitamin A is widely known and used in cosmetics products because of its anti-aging elements. Topical application of Vitamin A keeps the skin healthy and nourishes it for firmer elasticity. Also reducing reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamins B1 and B2

These vitamins are essential in skin regeneration in a cellular level along with the rest of the B vitamins. Individually, they also provide a different skin care benefit.

Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, has antioxidant properties that aids in blood circulation and also protects the skin from damages caused by aging and other environmental factors.

Vitamin B2, known as riboflavin, has been known to nourish the skin and aid in the prevention of acne breakouts.


The application of mineral infused skin care products has been proven to have faster results on their skin beneficial properties. Caviar is a great source of minerals with skin care properties including potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium.


Potassium naturally is capable of aiding the skin’s ability to keep hydrated and moisturized for a healthier skin.


Calcium is a very important mineral for the body and it is known to aid the body in skin regeneration, making it a great anti-aging mineral. It also works with the skin’s natural oils on the retention of the skin’s moisture.


Magnesium aids the skin’s natural detoxification process that keeps the skin clean and healthy, leading to the prevention of wrinkles, skin allergy reduction, and reduced acne breakouts.


This mineral acts as a mild hydrating agent that are used to moisturize the skin, and it is also ideal for sensitive skin.

Amino acids

Amino acids are natural proteins that are essential to our bodies. When applied in skin care products, these proteins provide nourishment to the skin and strengthens the connective tissues, keeping the skin firm and healthy, effectively preventing the signs of aging.


Antioxidants protect our skin from damages caused by free radicals -uncharged molecules in the skin that causes cellular damage; By neutralizing them and stopping further damages, antioxidant protect our skin. With the protection and nourishment provided by antioxidants, the skin enjoys multiple benefits including skin nourishment, wrinkle reduction, calming of skin irritations, sun damage repair, and even reduced scars.

Skin Nourishment and Anti-Aging

Di’MYOOR’s skin care products are intended primarily for Anti-Aging and skin nourishing purposes. Most of our products are infused with Vitamin C and Collagen that provide an astonishing skin care properties. The combination of Collagen and Caviar extracts is a wedding meant to be. Collagen helps restore volume to the skin that has been lost due to aging and our way of life. The Collagen firms the skin, giving it young and smooth look, and the Caviar element nourishes and pampers the skin, adding polish and shine. All there’s left is to add the most intoxicating fragrance and you’ve got a complete package.

Sun Damage Repair

The Vitamin C enriched formulas of Di’MYOOR can reduce dark spots by repairing sun-damaged skin. It helps in generating new skin cells while the sun damaged skin start to fade. This also boosts the effects of sunscreens and other sun protection products.

Collagen production Aid

The formula is also known to help our skin get firmer by aiding in skin’s natural collagen production. Application of vitamin C and collagen enriched Di’MYOOR products stimulate the collagen production, that in turn prevents further signs of aging.


Collagen is a protein in the inner layer of the skin and is a major influence in the skin’s strength. It also binds skin’s outer layer; So if the binding collagen is healthy, then the outer layer remains strong, therefore reducing the risk of lines and wrinkles appearing.

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